Prof Kulkarni celebrates 80 Years

March 11, 2014 0 Comments

Prof Kulkarni celebrates 80 Years

Farida Irani's, Ayurveda Guru and Guru to countless others is honoured in Pune, to celebrate his 80 years! In Pune today they honoured him and during the ceremony a letter was read written Farida, from the Irani family, AYA and on behalf of all in Australia. Here is a copy of this letter:Pujya Professor Saheb!

Pranams and Namashkar!

We, from Subtle Energies and Ayurveda Yoga Australia send you greetings from Down Under on this very auspicious occasion of your eightieth birthday celebration.

You have given all of us your pearls of wisdom, your knowledge and your valuable support and guidance as our Ayurveda Guru so freely, for which we are truly grateful.

Subtle Energies enjoyed having you with us on a yearly basis since 1996 availing of your knowledge through the seminars we held and organised and also the patients who benefited from consultations with you. We have many years of fond memories of your visits to Australia with our beloved Vibhavariji who we fondly called Tai.

Your generosity of spirit has touched many hearts in Australia and worldwide.

As our Ayurveda Patron of Ayurveda Yoga Australia, you encouraged and inspired us to hold the two very memorable International Ayurveda and Yoga conferences in Sydney with over 11 international speakers and many more local presenters. The aim was to bring about the awareness of these two sister sciences as ancient wisdom in modern times.

The second conference was also acknowledged and supported partly by AYUSH as they sent their joint secretary Dr Anand who was amazed at the high standard of the conference.

We have since then organised mini conferences in Sydney and continue to do so.

We thank you for your selfless contribution towards the cause of Ayurveda globally and we feel very honoured to have had you in our lives and being a part of your family.

You have truly lived up to the name of being a Loka Guru and we admire your indomitable spirit, your inner strength, your gentle steadfast dynamism and your willingness to always positively march on, as you have taught us, despite any adversities coming along the way, completely trusting in the Divine.

May Divine Mother bless you with good health, much joy, happiness and success with your loved ones and may your family grow from strength to strength and somehow continue the legacy that you have created for them.

We wish all the organisers of the International Ayurveda Research day conference in association with Deerghayu international, especially Dr Atul Rakshe and his team, the very best and may you continue doing all the amazing work and research under the auspices and guidance of Prof Dr P H kulkarni.

Thank you Dr Saheb for all your love and blessings always.
Yours in the true spirit of Ayurveda,

Farida Sheriar, Nekzad and Khursheed Irani of Subtle Energies
and Ayurveda Yoga Australia (AYA Committee during conference: Dr Ramaprasad, Dr Shaun Mathews, Chris (Sevadevi) Glover and Farida Irani.