Sattva by Simply Peninsula – created by Subtle Energies

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Sattva by Simply Peninsula – created by Subtle Energies


Sattva by Simply Peninsula is a Vedic Aromatherapy spa range of results-driven treatments and product skincare solutions created by Subtle Energies for The Peninsula Hotels worldwide - exclusively for the lifestyle program, Peninsula Wellness.

What does Sattva mean? Defined as ‘pure’ in Sanskrit, its meaning also aligns beautifully with Subtle Energies’ philosophy of creating with pure intent.


How is it created? Vedic Aromatherapy differs from traditional Ayurveda in its use of hand-blended, pure and rare therapeutic and sensory aromatic essential oils. The active ingredients within these essential oils, Himalayan crystal salts, clays and herbs, provide a holistic result to benefit the body, mind and emotions.

What’s the experience? Sattva by Simply Peninsula has been designed using traditional Ayurveda methods and modern techniques such as remedial massage, reflexology and lymphatic drainage, with an emphasis on the marmas (107 pressure points that are believed to connect the mind and body).

Designed to address multiple skin and body concerns the comprehensive treatment program includes:

  • Sattva Vedic Aromatherapy Massage – a full body massage using personalised blends to either induce sleep, combat fatigue, drain toxins, release muscle tension and reduce stress
  • Khushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub - delivered using a mineral-rich Himalayan crystal salt scrub. The exfoliation cleanses and purifies skin while stimulating circulation and energising the body, helping to reduce cellulite and drain toxins
  • Sattva Shirodhara with Facial Marma Therapy - a stress-releasing treatment during which warm oil is poured over the third eye to soothe the nervous system and treat insomnia and skin conditions, combined with a facial marma massage
  • Additionally three full-body wellness Sattva Signature Journeys provide head-to-toe indulgence tailored to revive, detoxify or soothe.
  • And more…

Where is it available? Sattva by Simply Peninsula is available globally at The Peninsula Hotels in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Paris.



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How can I experience this at home? A line of exclusive Sattva by Simply Peninsula retail products will also be available at The Peninsula Spas worldwide to continue the spa experience at home.