Wishing Sheriar Irani a very happy 70th birthday

July 24, 2014 0 Comments

Wishing Sheriar Irani a very happy 70th birthday

On this special day, we would love to share some information about the back bone of Subtle Energies and The Irani Family. Without him none of the work we do would be possible.

Supporting Farida in her transition from the corporate world to her studies and practise with natural therapies, Sheriar is the co Founder and Managing Director of Subtle Energies. He looks after the company’s logistics, production and is the Financial Controller. Stemming from an engineering background that spans over 45 years, he is recognised by our partners for delivering quality and efficient manufacturing and logistics.

Sheriar is Subtle Energies’primary Alchemist, having worked alongside Farida since the early 90s in developing, sourcing and reproducing her formulas on a larger scale. He adheres to the Subtle Energies’philosophy that all oil blends are hand blended by the Irani family only.

Extremely meticulous and prompt in nature, are attributes inculcated into him by his grand mother Gul Bai Muluk Irani (matriarch of the Irani family and a strong business woman) during the early part of his life. These qualities were further enhanced together with his Engineering training in Germany and his time spent with his German mentor and employer Mr Wilner. He constantly reminds the family and staff about the importance of these attributes to run a business efficiently.

Prof P H Kulkarni, our Ayurveda Guru rightfully refers to Sheriar as a “Satvic Pitta”(a fire energy of pure mind and integrity).

We wish Sheriar a very happy birthday!

We also thank Sheriar for his hard work and energy that has contributed to and is still maintaining and developing the Subtle Energies Family and Company.

With love and gratitude,

Farida, Khursheed, Nick Irani & The Subtle Energies team