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Brighter, smoother & fresher skin

Pomegranate Enzyme Mask

Discover our NEW advanced exfoliating treatment mask, using a phyto-active complex of activated Pomegranate Enzymes & natural AHAs known to gently exfoliate skin by breaking down protein buildup providing an instantly softer skin that is visibly more radiant and smooth.

Night Queen Double Body Cream

A body moisturiser fit for royalty

A cream that melts into your skin leaving it satin smooth. Enhanced with anti-ageing actives to balance, moisturise and revitalise the skin. This splendid synergy of oils incorporates the ‘Queen of Jasmines’ - Mogra, the ‘Queen of Oils’ - Rose and the unique Raat ki Rani, a rare Jasmine that only blooms under the moonlight - aptly named ‘The Night Queen’.

Holistic Skin Science

Pure & Natural

Results-based skincare that is founded on over 30 years of clinical research. Proudly achieving results in a holistic way to nourish, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Advanced Biotech Skincare

New Collection

This advanced skincare collection utilises cutting edge fermentation techniques and other natural processes, that unlock a whole new level of results driven actives.

Celebrating 30 Years

From Clinic To Brand


What began as a clinic focused on treating chronic ailments has evolved into a leading Global Luxury Wellness solutions Skincare Brand. As we celebrate this remarkable journey into a luxury wellness and skincare solutions brand, we invite you take a glimpse into the heart of Subtle Energies, and discover our transformative path that has brought us to this moment

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