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Health and Wellbeing

Rose water holds special significance during Navroze (Persian new year, during the Vernal Equinox). To this day Persian families lay a table with specific items including a mirror. After the new year comes in, every one in the family is shown the mirror. The idea is that you can see a reflection of your true inner self and make your resolutions for the New Year accordingly. The family members or any visitors are then blessed with a sprinkle of rosewater from a silver container called “gulabaksh”. The water is sprinkled and rubbed on the palms of the hands and face. This has a spiritual significance, as Rose cleanses negative vibrations, heals painful emotions from the heart chakra replacing it with peace, harmony, clarity, love and joy.
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With the long days of face masks many people are noticing issues of mild irritation, dehydration and topical breakouts. This can be a result of the warm air flow from the mouth, being held by the mask and directed over the the skin around the mouth. This leads to dehydration of the area and in turn can upset the acid mantle, making the area more susceptible to irritation, oil imbalance and issues of bacterial buildup. The fit of the mask, make up and the material the mask is made of, will also have a role to play.

Here is a simple yet powerfully effective way to keep your face calm, balanced and “maskne” free.

Subtle Energies is a holistic brand at its core and we believe in the balance comes both internally and externally for mind and body. This is no different when it comes to treating over active sebaceous oils in the skin and acne.

Some people think of body oils just being for massage and avoid them as body treatments or hydrators as they are worried the oil is going to be thick and greasy on their skin. This is where we look to the difference in therapeutic oils that have a fine enough structure to easily penetrate into the skin enabling the delivery of vitamins and nutrients they contain.

A recent discussion by Farida on how the Immune system can become compromised and the relationship it has with Anxiety, Stress, the Nervous System and Hormonal Imbalance.
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Meditation and healing affirmations can be powerful tools, not just for ourselves through this period but collectively for the world as we ride this storm together. Come join a discussion with Farida Irani that was recorded as a live webinar on between end of March and beginning of April at the height of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

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Be it at the office, working from home or on the road, by introducing some simple yet effective techniques and therapeutic oils into your daily routine, you will help to maintain a balance in stress levels, adrenal energy, as well as maintaining mental and emotional clarity.