What is in our products

Active Essential Oils


In India, for centuries, the extractors of oil have mastered the art of steam and hydro distillation. The art of manufacturing Attars is a unique and ancient technique where by volatile oils such as Saffron, Kewda and Gul Heena are fixated to another oil, usually Sandalwood, Rhukhus or Sesame, thereby also enhancing the properties of the fixative to the oil.
The quality of these extraction processes are combined with the unique climates and environmental conditions found throughout India, forming a comprehensive and unique floral pharmacy from which we have created our products.

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We do not add any Parabens, use any Mineral Oils, Silicones and artificial fragrances or colours in our products.


None of our oil blends contain any preservative as the essential oils act as preserving agents themselves.
Most of our skincare uses Honeysuckle Extract as a preservative. Honeysuckle extract has anti-microbial properties and has been approved for use in Europe by all the certified natural bodies, such as BDIH, Ecocert and Natrue. There has been some argument in relation to honeysuckle extract on the internet as to whether it is considered a paraben or natural paraben. It has been incorrectly stated in some articles that it contains parahydroxybenozoic acid, also known as 4-hydroxybenzoic, which they state acts as a natural paraben. Honeysuckle extract actually contains 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, which is salicylic acid. This is not a natural paraben, but rather is a natural defense system found in many plants to protect them from disease.
In few instances some of our preservatives used in the skin care ranges are nature identical, ie they exist in nature but these are replicated in a lab as the natural ingredient cannot be used sustainably. The European standards and all the certified natural bodies such as BDIH, Ecocert and Natrue allow the use of these ingredients and they have no therapeutic purpose and are purely used for their safe preserving qualities. The highest percentage of any one of these preservatives used is 0.15 - 0.4%

    Is it ok to use nature identical essential oils?

    No! An essential oil is used in our products as an active and therapeutic ingredient. They have therapeutic values and are the life force, the prana of the plant. When you start using synthetic essential oils in skin care, sure the aroma profile might be similar to the untrained nose and they may replicate some of the major chemical constituents but no lab can ever replicate the minor chemical constituents and the trace elements which are the blue print of the oil.
    Unfortunately there is no indication on the ingredient label wether an essential oil is nature identical or a pure natural and some synthetic fragrances or nature identical essential oils can cause an adverse reaction to the skin. Subtle Energies reputation stems from being able to source some of the finest and purest oils that work not only on physical but mental, emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

    Testing on Animals

    Our products, oils and ingredients have never been tested on animals but have most definitely gone through extensive human and safety testing. Please note that we currently supply products in Hong Kong and although it is part of China, Macau and Hong Kong do not fall under the same cosmetic rules as Mainland China and do not require Animal Testing.

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