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Results-based aromatherapy, natural skincare and
wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles.

Our product range and treatments at Subtle Energies’ are created with intent to address multiple skin and body concerns, whilst delivering high performance results empowering one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The brand was founded in 1993 by Farida Irani in Sydney, Australia as a clinic of natural therapies. The clinic was designed to address a complex range of health concerns with a variety of modalities offered.  The clinic is still operated by Farida and her daughter Khursheed. This clinical & education background, underpins the pioneering clinical research and development of the Subtle Energies brand, allowing authentic results-based formulas and treatments to be developed. 

Farida, along with her qualifications in clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, Bowen therapy, and many other modalities in the complimentary world, also did her post graduate Ayurveda studies with world renowned Ayurveda guru, Prof Dr PH Kulkarni.

During her many trips to India, in the early 90s she came across essential oils not heard of in Western Aromatherapy nor used anymore by Ayurveda Doctors. With these unique oils and an introduction to many artisan distillers across India, came her research into what is now termed Ayurveda Aromatherapy.

Subtle Energies’ Spa Concept provides treatment programs that combine the optimum methods and knowledge found in these respected ancient sciences, with holistic modern techniques.

Subtle Energies is one of the first to work with these rare aromatic oils, on a clinical level in the early 90s, with a high reputation amongst the complimentary medicine, spa and wellness worlds, of sourcing the finest active ingredients and delivering powerful treatment programs.

All products are made in Australia following European standards of natural skincare, to create safe, ethical and effective products.The range has been certified by Cruelty Free International and does not contain parabens, mineral oils, silicones or artificial fragrances.

Created with intend, Made to Empower.

Specific intent in every aspect of Subtle Energies’ creation is integral to our ethos and philosophy. This process starts from sourcing the highest grade of oils, through sustainable and ethical trade using artisan distillers that produce rare, pure and quality active ingredients, each with its own intent and purpose.

“Every blend, product and treatment created by Subtle Energies is governed by a specific and pure intent. This is then carried through to the individual’s experience of our products and services.

At Subtle Energies, we create and promote authentic wellness through the power of vibrational medicine. We believe that as a creator if your intent is pure, one can empower at all levels of one’s being. Through skincare, beauty, together with holistic wellness, you feel empowered and when you are empowered you feel and show beauty…. they co-exist”

Farida Irani, Founder of Subtle Energies.

The Leadership Team Behind the Brand

Farida Irani

Holistic Health Practitioner /Bowen Therapy Instructor/ Ayurveda Practitioner / Clinical Aromatherapist

Farida Irani founded Subtle Energies as a clinic in 1993. She is a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, a clinical Aromatherapist and teacher qualified in Aromatic Medicine, Bowen Therapy Instructor, a Remedial Therapist and a Reflexologist. She completed her postgraduate studies (Ayurveda Nishnata) with world renowned Prof Dr P H Kulkarni (Ex Dean Ayurveda University, Pune, India). In October 2006, the International Ayurveda Open University awarded Farida her Ayurveda Parangat in recognition of her research in Ayurveda.

Farida spends her time speaking at international conferences, teaching at the Subtle Energies College of Ayurveda Aromatherapy, running her clinic, volunteering and propagating the health sciences. Farida is the Co-Founder of Ayurveda Yoga Australia, which holds the International Ayurveda & Yoga Conference. Farida is also responsible for bringing the Australian science of Bowtech, the original Bowen Therapy, to India and Taiwan.

She continues to promote these sciences through her work and remains dedicated to helping and encouraging people to attain a well-balanced lifestyle.