About us

Subtle Energies creates results-based aromatherapy, natural skincare and wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles. The range is created with intent to address multiple skin and body concerns, whilst delivering high performance results empowering one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 
The brand was founded in 1993 by Farida Irani in Sydney, Australia as a clinic of natural therapies. The clinic was designed to address a complex range of health concerns with a variety of modalities offered.
This background underpins the cutting-edge clinical research and development of the Subtle Energies brand allowing authentic pioneering formulas and treatments to be developed. Subtle Energies’ Spa Concept provides treatment programs that combine the optimum methods and knowledge found in these respected ancient sciences, with holistic modern techniques.
All products are made in Australia following European standards of natural skincare to create safe, ethical and effective products. The range has been certified by Cruelty-Free International and does not contain parabens, mineral oils, silicones or artificial fragrances.


All of our own brand cosmetic and personal care products  are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products. We adhere to a fixed cut-offdate policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to the Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also independently audited.


 For more information about Cruelty Free International, Leaping Bunny and Leaping Bunny criteria, please visit www.crueltyfreeinternational.org


Created with Intent. Made to Empower

Specific intent in every aspect of Subtle Energies’ creation is integral to our ethos and philosophy. This process starts from sourcing the highest grade of oils , through sustainable and ethical trade using artisan distillers that produce rare, pure and quality active ingredients, each with its own intent and purpose. 

Intent is implemented  into the blending of these ingredients to create highly beneficial results using  Ayurveda and Aromatherapy principles to address beauty and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level.  Intent is behind the creation of every sequence and step in the Subtle Energies’ treatments, providing an exceptional  results-driven spa journey.Subtle Energies’ intensive training programs share and deliver this concept of intent 

Through the creation of intent the aim is to allow you to provide the individual with an evolution process where the body is put into a rest, relax and a restorative state of being,helping to dissolve anxiety and inhibitions. This renewing experience is specifically designed to empower and provide confidence through beauty and a holistic approach for the body, mind and soul.




 The Founder

Farida Irani

Holistic Health Practitioner /Bowen Therapy Instructor/
Ayurveda Practitioner / Clinical Aromatherapist 

B Com, Post grad & adv Dip Ayur, D Arom,
Adv. Dip Arom Med, DRT, DRM, D Ref, D Bow
member of A.T.M.S, I.A.A.M.A., B.A.A, A.A.P.A, B.T.A.A.
Co - Founder of  Subtle Energies & Ayurveda Yoga Australia

Farida founded Subtle Energies as a clinic in 1993.  She is a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, a clinical Aromatherapist and teacher qualified in Aromatic Medicine, Bowen Therapy Instructor, a Remedial Therapist and a Reflexologist. She completed her post Graduate studies (Ayurveda Nishnata) with world renowned Prof Dr P H Kulkarni (Ex Dean Ayurveda University, Pune, India). In October 2006, the International Ayurveda Open University awarded Farida her Ayurveda Parangat in recognition of her research in Ayurveda 

Farida is regarded as a pioneer in Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Through her clinical research and studies she has combined the ancient sciences of Ayurveda with the science of Aromatherapy and has been successful in reviving this ancient branch using essential oils in Ayurveda. Farida’s clinical research, her book “The Magic of Ayurveda Aromatherapy” and courses, have received international recognition and awards, from Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and other health industries. The Australian Government has accredited her work as a Diploma and Certificate IV in Ayurveda Aromatherapy, which are nationally recognised qualifications. 

Farida spends her time speaking at international conferences, teaching at the Subtle Energies College of Ayurveda Aromatherapy, running her clinic, volunteer works and propagating the health sciences. Farida is the Co-Founder of Ayurveda Yoga Australia, which holds the International Ayurveda & Yoga Conference. Farida is also responsible for bringing the Australian science of Bowtech, the original Bowen Therapy, to India and Taiwan. 

Farida continues to promote these sciences through her work and remains dedicated to helping and encouraging people to attain a well-balanced lifestyle.


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