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Remembering Prof. Dr. P. H. Kulkarni, Ayurveda Lokguru and Honouring His Legacy

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It is with the greatest sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Prof. Dr. Pandurang Hari Kulkarni. It is a great loss to Ayurveda fraternity,
Prof. Dr. P. H. Kulkarni, Ayurveda Lokguru passed away on 28th April 2024 at 11.30 am.

"Pranams a thousand times to this Divine being our beloved professor to many, Prof Dr P H Kulkarni, who came into all our lives and touched our hearts and souls continuously passing on his pearls of wisdom to us all! A giant of an ayurveda Vaidya, a true Vaidya who helped many when ailing till the very end of his life, Dynamic yet full of humility! We have lost the last of the icons of ayurveda, a true Master of Ayurveda as Maya Tiwari at our international ayurveda and yoga conference in 2006 in Australia had aptly called him the modern day Bapu of Ayurveda!

May his Atman soar way high in his heavenly abode connecting with his beloved Tai! There must be a big celebration right now in the astral realms of his home coming! We have lost a father figure! He was part of our entire family!

This photo is from our international ayurveda and yoga conference first held in Sydney in 2006 which he inspired us to organise and was our patron followed by many to come! Ahuramazda and the Great ones bless his soul and may Dr Saheb’s family Sagar Manasi and family and pavan and family Achala and family and all of us be given the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss! May he attain Garothman Behesht! The highest place in the heavenly realms!
Pranams to you our Guru! Our beloved Master!" - Farida Irani.

Prof Dr. P H Kulkarni's profound wisdom and teachings have left an everlasting impact on countless practitioners worldwide, enriching the Ayurvedic community with his deep knowledge and unwavering dedication. His passion for Ayurveda was not just a profession but a way of life, inspiring many to delve into the healing powers of this ancient science.His legacy is one of empowerment and enlightenment, as he guided individuals to embrace Ayurveda's holistic principles and integrate them into their daily lives. His influence has reached far and wide, shaping the practices and beliefs of those who had the privilege of learning from him.

Prof Dr. P H Kulkarni mentorship was highly instrumental in our our founder Farida Irani’s journey. His illustrious career spanning decades, coupled with his roles as a revered Physician, Research Guide, and Director of prestigious institutions, speaks volumes about his expertise and commitment to Ayurveda.His teachings have paved the way for the establishment of numerous Ayurvedic schools globally, showcasing his dedication to spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda far and wide. His impact transcends borders, with his influence felt in countries across continents, including Australia where his knowledge was shared with eager learners.


As we reflect on Dr P H Kulkarni's life and legacy, let us pay tribute to his invaluable contributions to Ayurveda and express our heartfelt gratitude for the profound impact he has had on our collective journeys. May his teachings continue to inspire and guide us, serving as a beacon of light in our exploration of Ayurvedic principles. His spirit will forever remain alive in the hearts of those touched by his wisdom and compassion.

Salutations from The Irani family Subtle Energies team
And from Ayurveda Yoga Australia!


Remembering Professor P  H Kulkarni at the 2009 International Ayurveda Yoga Conference organised by Subtle Energies and Ayurveda Yoga Australia