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A natural solution for acne prone skin

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Wild Kashmir Purifying Range: Your Natural Acne Solution

Subtle Energies is a holistic brand at its core and we believe in the balance comes both internally and externally for mind and body. This is no different when it comes to treating over active sebaceous oils in the skin and acne.

Factors Influencing Acne

Problematic skin and acne can be caused by a number of triggers and can come about at different stages of life. There are many internal and external factors to consider when looking at what the cause is for the individual. There is also the hormonal indicators that can be set off by puberty, pregnancy and quite often simply stress.

There has been a lot of research that links over active sebaceous glands, inflammation and the formation of P bacteria (acne) to internal factors related to foods and our gut function such as the balance of the Micro biome, leaky gut syndrome, stomach acid imbalance, not enough EFA’s and too much inflammatory foods such as wheat, sugars and excessive dairy. Don’t worry, chocolate is way down on the list of causes.

The Role of Oils in Acne Treatment

Too often people who have oily and problematic skin have the misconception that they should not use oil on their skin and instead turn to rather harsh ingredients that can often cause more problems and in some cases long term damage to the skin. Essentially if the skin is being stripped of its oils it will over produce sebaceous oil and if this cycle continues it can damage the skins ph balance, natural protective layer and take away moisture leaving the skin highly sensitised and susceptible to further complications and long term damage.

With the Wild Kashmir Purifying range Subtle Energies can offer an effective daily regime that is simple and safe. We use purifying, healing and nourishing oils that help reduce the skins over production of sebaceous oil. Over time this will help the skin reduce the formation of acne bacteria, restore balance and hydration.

Wild Kashmir Purifying Range: Your Natural Acne Solution

Introducing Wild Kashmir Purifying Range: Your Natural Acne Solution

This is achieved with a powerful blend of healing and purifying oils that includes the pairing of Wild Turmeric and Kashmir Lavender. Both of these oils are well known for their antibacterial properties and are ideal for fighting the formation of of acne. They also offer incredible benefits in reducing inflammation, detoxifying, healing scar tissue and restoring radiance to the skin. This duo is supported by Palmarosa that has long been used in Ayurveda for the treatment of acne as it is known for balancing sebaceous oil and has great astringent and healing properties.

This three step collection starts with the sulphate-free cleansing gel that is deeply purifying and healing while being gentle on the skin. This is followed by an alcohol free toner that has healing and purifying floral waters that help to balance the skin before the application of a healing light weight hydration lotion.

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Wild Kashmir Purifying Range: Your Natural Acne Solution