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These programs have been focused  on physically, emotionally restoring and balancing your body.  Assisting with any anxiety, energising and grounding one to keep moving forward. 

The exercises given below are ideal to accompany you during and post your program experience as a daily practice. 

Video 1: Nadi Shodan Breathing Technique. 
Video 2: Sound Resonance Technique 
Video 3: Guided Meditation 

When and how should you do this ? 

It is ideal to do these techniques  first thing in the morning and/or before sleep. 

You can do these videos as audio only as well and if you want to skip the meditation steps and go straight into the guided meditation then just commence the video at 8 minutes 

If you are doing a Yoga practise then you would do that first, followed by Nadi Shodan, Sound Resonance and then Meditation. 

You can do the Nadi Shodan and Sound Resonance also through the day but keep in mind it is better before meals and you should leave at least 1-2hr gap after your meal



A discussion with Farida Irani that was recorded as a live webinar between end of March and beginning of April at the height of the Corona Virus Pandemic. These sessions will give insights into how we can use these tools to ground and empower ourselves through these uncertain times

Q&A on Meditation 

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