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Vata - Air & Ether

Light, Dry, Cold Attributes

Creative, visionaries, who normallyrequire grounding. Short term memoryas they have fast thinking brains.Generally dislike the cold and needwarmth such as the sun. Prone todryness. Can be, but not always,nervous personalities.

Vata imbalance for skin can be paledryness, chapped lips, poor circulationand gas oriented people.

Need warming, hydratingand grounding actives.

Prakruti - Genetic Constitution

When the Doshas are balanced according to our Prakruti, they support the body. When not in balance, they cause disease, emotional imbalance and health disorders. Our skin is the best diagnostic tool to determine this imbalance. Due to over-indulgence in food and an unbalanced lifestyle, toxins accumulate resulting in ailments and ultimately ageing.

This Dosha blueprint is also found in all matter including plants.