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Elevate his daily routine

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For the men on the go

For the Man on the Go 

Elevate his daily routine with our exclusive men's range from Subtle Energies. Our collection of natural and active products are specifically crafted for the man on the go, who wishes to add that little bit of extra luxurious wellness to his routine. 

Our men’s range is perfect for everyday use. Our post work-out must is our Muscle Ease blend  and our Rasayana Body wash, perfect for the sports enthusiasts. Allow him to experience the rejuvenating properties of our Rasayana collection, tailored to enhance his natural radiance and leave him feeling revitalised from head to toe. 


Rasayana Body Wash 

Our Rasayana Body Wash

The perfect cleanser post workout. Pour a small amount onto your hand or loofah and lather all over the body to then rinse off.

Natural Deodorant

Our Natural Deodorant is perfect to use post shower under your arms. Spray after showering or whenever you need a fresh boost. It's antibacterial benefits are also ideal to deodorize your feet, shoes and gym bag.

Muscle Ease


Muscle Ease Massage Blend

Apply our Muscle Ease Massage Blend directly onto skin post shower, and feel the powerful combination of strengthening and rejuvenating essential oils. This oil is ideal for deep tissue massage, helping to break down lactic acid, whilst relieving tension, allowing you to get back to your fitness routine. This blend can be applied after any work out or simply used post shower.

After showering or after a workout apply the Muscle Ease oil. Massage and warm up into the skin a thin layer into the area of the body you want to address to release tension. The Muscle Ease oil can also be used any time where aches and pains flair up in the body.


Wash, apply, spray and go!