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Connecting to our roots in celebration of Earth Day

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Our connection to Earth and our indigenous practices

Farida discuses the importance of connecting to the earth and becoming aware of our indigenous practices.

This Earth day, we reflect on what Farida, our founder, has written in the past about going back to our indigenous practices to be aligned with the elements that we are made up of.

Farida Irani - 

"The world is going through this massive change, climate change, social disruption and an advancement in technology at a rapid pace, the elements are being disrupted with deforesting, oceans being polluted and the very air we breath is toxic leading to excessive heat and cold thereby giving rise to diseases unheard of in the past. When we disrupt the very elements that we are made up of, this leads to all of these issues.

This has happened before. 5000 years ago the world was in a similar state of social, climate and technological disruption and at that time, the sages, the rishis all got together to make mankind aware that they were destroying the very elements they were made up of. And in that time too they gave us diet, herbs, meditation, cosmetics, yoga and much more. Essentially tuning the people into the indigenous practices and belief systems back then. We are going through the same cycle of awareness now."


Our connection to Earth and our indigenous practices


"Mankind has learnt a hard lesson in the last  2 years and are realising that old time tested sciences such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and other indigenous practices and belief systems have worked well in the past and are now again reviving and revisiting those systems.

People are also turning more and more towards the ancient sciences of yoga and meditation leaning more towards the holistic health sciences such as ayurveda, TCM, naturopathy, Yoga, pranayamas, affirmations.

We are trying our best to bring about conscious awareness through our knowledge and experience of these holistic health sciences, which is very important as we strive to make every effort to raise our consciousness as we all will emerge into a new era which is going to be a positive one after all these trials that we are undergoing as foretold by the ancients the yogis and the masters."


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Our connection to Earth and our indigenous practices

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