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Mindfulness Practices

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Mindfulness Practices

Incorporating daily routines that return you to a mindful state are of utmost importance.
Aromatics play a large role in assisting your state of being along with your simple daily rituals and routines.
Whether it be to vaporise essential oils whilst at work or during a meditative practice, or doing our aromatic dressing with a selected blend for that moment, to give you a sense of being present and empowered. 
As a daily discipline it is beneficial to incorporate meditative practices and techniques of how to be mindful through certain pranayamas, affirmations, and even sound vibration with visualisation techniques.
However, even being conscious during your day to day activity right from when you wake and say thanks for just existing, as you take your first step in the morning off your bed. This is a simple yet powerful way of connecting the mind and body in the present.
During your daily walk, try to be mindful of the present, as this is a great form of mindfulness in motion. Not looking at your phone or running through lists of things to be done. Rather watch each movement you make and feel the earth under your feet. 
Observe where you are in the moment. You can take some time to do some cycle breathing to ground you as you walk. At the same time listen to your surroundings and consciously connect with the environment around you as you walk and take in what you see, smell, feel and breath.
Bringing this same mindful attitude when you eat. Bless your food and say thanks, observe the food in front of you, appreciate the colours and the textures, appreciate the aroma. Chew the food enough to appreciate where it has come from, the natural flavour of the food you are eating, the energy it will bring you as you think of all the juices replenishing you as you eat and digest it completely.
Being aware of our own thoughts and their effects on our emotional state be it at work or at home, is a good way to check in regularly.  It brings awareness to how we can best be our authentic selves in each moment.
Also reflecting on your own actions and reactions at the end of the day is a positive way of reviewing our journey through the day. Keep everything in perspective so we can avoid letting small issues accumulate and develop into a larger underlying stress.
Finally being able to bring your state of being into a mindful calm before sleep is essential for a healthy sleep. Again saying thanks for what you have been given that day is a beautiful way to round off the day for yourself.


These are just some tips that we have to remind our selves, even as we write this for those reading it. To be able to live as much in a peaceful state within the chaos of life around.