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Perfecting Skin with Our Purifying Partners

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Perfecting Skin with Our Purifying Partners

Living with blemished and acne prone skin can be very upsetting and frustrating. For those who have endured long term issues, they can attest to the long term emotional effects this also has. Unfortunately long term acne prone skin leads to desperation and promises of quick fix solutions, both of which can come at a longer term cost for the health of your skin. Many quick fix treatments can leave the skin with long term sensitisation, dehydration, damaged capillaries, sun sensitivity and more. One of this biggest myths is that oily and acne prone skin can not use oils. This is not completely true. 

You see, not all oils are the same. When you can feed your skin with healing, antibacterial and non occlusive oils, it tends to reduce its overcompensation in the production of sebaceous oil, that can lead to bacteria formation and blocked pores. The journey to bringing the skin into balance is not a quick fix. It is however a longer term solution as it helps to transform the skin in bringing it into balance and developing a healthier skin down the line. 

Natural Solution for Acne and Oily Skin

Our Wild Kashmir Purifying Range is a natural balancing solution for acne prone and oily skin. As a holistic brand at its core, Subtle Energies believes that balance comes both internally and externally for mind and body. This is no different when it comes to treating acne and over active sebaceous oils in the skin. With the Wild Kashmir Purifying Range, Subtle Energies can offer an effective daily regime that is simple and safe. We use purifying, healing and nourishing oils that help reduce the skin's over production of sebamyceous oil. Over time this will help the skin reduce the formation of acne bacteria, restore balance and hydration.  

Sulphate Free with Cleansing agents

Is your cleanser doing more damage than good? The first step of the daily skin care regime is where a lot of people with acne or oily skin can go wrong. 

Too often we find people with these concerns are marketed to very harsh and striping products that can cause further issues down the line. A lot of the foaming and cleansing agents and actives will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean at first, however with ongoing use, can cause significant damage to the skin's natural repair barrier and hydration balance, leaving it with long term sensitisation.

The Wild Kashmir Purifying Cleansing Gel does not only contain powerful active healing and cleansing oils, but is also sulphate free. That means that there are no harsh chemicals striping your skin, but rather natural gentle cleansing agents that remove daily dirt, sebaceous buildup and impurities, whilst retaining the skin's natural moisture levels.

The unique combination of Wild Turmeric and Kashmiri Lavender gives this cleanser excellent purifying and healing qualities. Also included in this synergistic blend are the oils of Palmarosa, Mogra and Frankincense, which nourish the skin and give this cleanser its delightfully fresh aroma.

Maintain, Balance and Purify Skin

For an easy treatment to maintain, balance, at the same time purify the skin, we recommend our Wild Kashmir Purifying Toner after cleansing.

With a delightfully refreshing aroma and a combination of Kashmir lavender, Wild Turmeric and Palmarosa, we have a gentle, but effective alcohol-free toner to balance and heal problematic skin concerns. This product can also be used throughout the day. The toner helps to hydrate while also assisting in the treatment and healing of blemishes, soothing the skin and balancing oil flow. It is also ideal as a post shaving treatment for those who are prone to razor burn and folliculitis. 

Subtle Energies recommends the Wild Kashmir Purifying Toner be applied on the skin with cotton pads, post cleansing, or blotted on the skin where there may be excessive oil flow through out the day. This will help to maintain hydration, gently cleanse and support oil balance leaving you with a much calmer and healthier skin.

Nourishment and Healing Lotion

Oil free is not the answer. Instead we offer the Wild Kashmir Purifying Emulsion that is a lightweight healing lotion. 

A big mistake we see time and time again is where people who have oily skin and acne do not hydrate their skin properly or at all. The skin will continue to overproduce sebaceous oil when it is dehydrated and out of balance. This then leads to clogged pores and bacteria buildup that forms breakouts and congested bumps in the skin. By feeding the skin with naturally purifying, healing and balancing oils it will in turn reduce the skins likelihood of overcompensating. 

The Wild Kashmir Purifying Emulsion offers a lightweight delivery of nourishment and healing. This is achieved with a powerful blend of healing and purifying oils that includes the pairing of Wild Turmeric and Kashmir Lavender. Both of these oils are well known for their antibacterial properties and are ideal for fighting the formation of of acne. They also offer incredible benefits in reducing inflammation, detoxifying, healing scar tissue and restoring radiance to the skin. 

This duo is supported by Palmarosa that has long been used in Ayurveda for the treatment of acne as it is known for balancing sebaceous oil and has great astringent and healing properties.

Why Choose Us

With our brand Subtle Energies, we have ancient remedies that have been backed up by modern science, as well as our own in clinical research. This simple yet effective three step solution will transform your skin, where you no longer will have the urge to reach for a quick fix for today’s blemish, that can possibly cause longer term damage. With the Subtle Energies’ Wild Kashmir Purifying Range, you have a long term solution for healthy balanced skin, that not only smells aromatically appealing, but is also good for you.

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